Still Shaving?


You’ve seen Ideal Image on billboards, read about the company in such prominent publications as Vogue Magazine and heard about it on the radio.

Why is Ideal Image so huge?

“That’s simple,” says co-founder Rick Mikles. “We’re good at what we do.” Patient Eveann Terrett agrees. “The staff at Ideal Image makes you feel so at ease,” she says. “And the best part of the process was that I saw results after my first treatment.”

Ideal Image arrived in Tampa four years ago and has led the laser hair removal market ever since. Now, with over 20 franchises throughout the U.S. and Australia, its growing popularity has gained the company worldwide recognition. Known to many as “THE hair removal experts”, Ideal Image immediately soothes its guests upon entrance to the elegantly modern waiting room, where a friendly consultant is ready to discuss the procedure one-on-one. Ideal Image hires only certified medical professionals and has a predominantly female staff to ensure your comfort when discussing treatment of intimate areas. (Yes, they do full Brazilians!) When it’s time to start treatment, you’re taken into one of eight procedure rooms to begin your life-changing experience.

“We’re an upscale company; but we make the Ideal Image experience affordable to everyone,” Rick says. “Treatments start at just $23 per month.”

Ideal Image achieves immense success because it can solve even the most severe hair problems (with the exception of gray, red or blonde hair). And with over 10 FDA-approved lasers, Ideal Image has different lasers for different skin types. You’ll need between five and eight sessions to remove all the hair but once it’s gone, your skin is smooth with no more razor bumps, in-grown hair, or stubble. And at Ideal Image you get a written guarantee for your laser hair removal.

So what does treatment feel like? Patients say the discomfort is trivial compared to waxing. “We even cater to those with sensitive skin,” says Rick. “Women with facial hair are our No. 1 customers, however many women and men come in for convenience,” says co-founder Joe Acebal. “People don’t realize that there are thousands of women and men out there with hair problems. We are here to help those people get back to living normal lives. We spare them the embarrassment and pain of walking around with a hairy chin, in-grown hair, or back hair.”

Whatever your hair issue may be – Ideal Image can solve it.