Hello 2017, Welcome to The Year of Possibility

Ahhh, the infamous New Year’s resolution. We all make them—and they usually involve things like dragging yourself out of bed at 5am to hit the gym or learning to cook more than a bowl of Ramen. And while those are admirable goals, our resolutions tend to be really vague and grandiose. This year, we’ll help […]

Beating The Holiday Hustle

Holidays are joyful… and stressful. And heartwarming. And exhausting. And wonderful. Admittedly, we run the gamut of emotions this time of year. So, making sure we take time to de-stress and soak it all in is crucial. We’re so excited to welcome @RobinMartinYoga back for another feature. Later this month, she’ll walk us through her […]

Secrets of a Stress-Free Hostess

Playing hostess can feel more “hustle and bustle” than “holly jolly.” But with a little planning and these helpful tips, this can be the year you finally enjoy the holidays just as much as everyone else. First of all, relax—you’ve totally got this. Plus, you know what really makes a party perfect? Good company, warm […]

‘Tis the Season of Family, Thanks, & Good Eats

Let’s get one thing straight. Thanksgiving may be about mingling with family, giving thanks and kicking off the holiday season. But mostly, it’s about eating. Seriously, whose memories aren’t filled with turkey, stretchy pants and way too much pie? That said, there is a less “omg, I ate too much, I need to nap for […]

Are you ready to feel empowered?

August is an exciting month – summer is blazing on, back-to-school season is around the corner and women are showing off their strength at every turn. To no surprise, all of this has us in the mood to celebrate. So, squad up, ladies! Because this month, The Strong Is Sexy Issue is all about celebrating […]

Celebrating Life, Liberty, & Confidence

July starts off with a bang – literally. So this month, we’re sloughing off stress and piling on the confidence, starting with the ultimate summer party. Check out our Instagram this week for a six-part series on throwing a killer Fourth of July bash – with tips on everything from dressing the part, to planning […]