Warm Up Your Winter Workout

After a solid month of stuffing ourselves full of cookies, candy and comfort food, your New Year’s resolution probably has something to do with feeling healthy. For us, it means breaking the news to our muscles that it’s time to start exercising again. And between ever-dropping temperatures and taking time off over the holidays, it’s […]

Hello 2017, Welcome to The Year of Possibility

Ahhh, the infamous New Year’s resolution. We all make them—and they usually involve things like dragging yourself out of bed at 5am to hit the gym or learning to cook more than a bowl of Ramen. And while those are admirable goals, our resolutions tend to be really vague and grandiose. This year, we’ll help […]

@RobinMartinYoga’s Poses to De-stress

Sing it with us… it’s the most wonderful (and stressful) time of the year! Oh, are those not the lyrics? Could’ve fooled us. Luckily, Instagram yoga star @RobinMartinYoga is back for another series. This time, she’ll help us get through this crazy holiday season with three hip, shoulder and heart openers (where we tend to […]

Beating The Holiday Hustle

Holidays are joyful… and stressful. And heartwarming. And exhausting. And wonderful. Admittedly, we run the gamut of emotions this time of year. So, making sure we take time to de-stress and soak it all in is crucial. We’re so excited to welcome @RobinMartinYoga back for another feature. Later this month, she’ll walk us through her […]